5 Fun Ways to Improve Customer Service Experiences

Customer experiences should be positive, obviously, and one of the best ways to make sure of that is to capture some fun! Help improve customer service experiences in your business with some super easy, super fun ways of tackling the service game, no matter what industry you’re in or what you’re selling:

1. Don’t be Afraid of Humour

Many of us in the business game thing we have to mirror a strict, corporate environment. That might be necessary in some companies, but others can losen up a bit and let their hair down. Humour is a great way to connect team members, managers, and customers. There are very few people in the world who don’t like a good laugh, provided the humour fits their senses! Don’t be afraid to let humour back into a you CX strategies, it’ll go a long way to helping improve customer service experiences.

2. Connect on a customer’s level

Being funny is one thing, but if you don’t know what makes a customer tick you’re going to have a hard time making sure they laugh at your jokes. So before you take it too far, best to take a customers temperature and see how they’re doing – test the waters, so to speak. Chances are, if humour has been part of your company’s culture for a while, a returning customer will know where you’re at and in fact enjoy the humour at play, but you won’t know until you find out now will you?

3. Take the ‘boring’ and make it entertaining

A lot of things about a customer journey through a business can be uninteresting – I don’t think I’ve ever really been ‘entertained’ by a checkout procedure, for example – but there are ways to spice it up. Sending out invoices? Maybe you can put a one-liner in the bottom, a corny thank you, something that reflects gratitude but is still a little silly. Do try to keep it relevant though, there’s only so many one-line puns you can make about invoicing and bills after all.

4. Make it part of your culture so Customer Make it Part of Their Experience

When you’ve established what your brand’s level of entertainment and humour is going be, make it so! Ensure that you’re using it everywhere and all the time so that your customers can not only enjoy it, but that they will start to expect it from your bran and to look forward to it whenever they interact with your staff and engage your services or buy a product.

5. Have a party in store celebrating life, love, and whatever else you like!

Who doesn’t love a party? Having something completely different in store once in a while can completely change people’s outlook on their experience when they come in, and we’re not just talking about your customers but your employees as well – if life’s party, why not bring it to work?

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The point is, there are many ways to improve customer service experiences, but not all of them have to be formalized, in-the-box, neatly outlined SOPs and strategies. Your customers, like your team members, are humans, and all humans, generally speaking, will enjoy a happy space more than a dour and dismal one. We’re not saying you need to turn your business into a circus – unless you are one, then obviously, do – but we’re suggesting that you bring back the fun, assuming you lost it in the first place.

Olwen - in purple Olwen has been in marketing for more than 8 years, she‘s been with AQ since 2016. Her passion is for helping people and businesses improve their customer service experience by providing interesting content. Follow her on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.

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