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Have you established a rhythm of continuous improvement?

Retail mystery shopping

Rhythm fills the gaps between your brand promise and the delivery of actual service performance, establishing a continuous process of feedback and improvement to ensure your brand promise is actionable and measurable. Ultimately, frontline ambassadors just want to know what to do, how to do it and to be recognised for doing it well. This where retail mystery shopping come in.

AQ has the answers

Having good rhythm starts with asking the right questions when it comes to retail mystery shopping. For example, what are the challenges your frontline staff face and how are they being addressed and measured? How are your business initiatives aligned throughout your organisation? And how do you turn these challenges and initiatives into frontline success?

At a tactical level, the key question is: which standard operating procedures serve as on-going reminders of what is expected from each member of your frontline staff? Such standards provide tangible direction on how to connect with your customers, how to discover and fulfil their needs, and even how to bid them farewell. Essentially, it’s about transforming your desired branding messages into actionable steps that can be easily measured, evaluated and optimised.

Rhythm is what AQ retail mystery shopping services brings to your organisation in a structured and creative way, so no one gets left out on this journey to excellence. Motivational pulses – in the form of coaching sessions and incentive programs rewarding both personal and team achievements – create fun and inspiration along the way. Once your frontline ambassadors are engaged effectively, they can in turn engage meaningfully with your customers and keep them coming back to you. That’s the goal of what retail mystery shopping can deliver.

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