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About AQ Services International

It’s 2001 and two graduates from The Hotelschool, The Hague, found AQ Services in a restaurant not far from home. The company is aimed at advancing the quality of customer service, it’s mission: “to let people experience great service“.

Back then, our two co-founders debated whether or not the ‘A’ should be taller than the ‘Q’, or the other way around. They debated the colours. AQ’s first logo is a quick sketch on the back of a beer coaster; looking back now, it would make a great opening scene for a movie. What was clear from the start, however, was that we would be the global mystery shopping specialist, doing research and analysis and soon became skilled at figuring out what companies should do to improve their performance. Over the years, we’ve developed a set of tools to gather the data and to ensure that the resulting actionable insights reached those who could make the difference: your people at the front line.

As a mystery shopping provider, we help companies like yours grow. We are passionate about YOUR front line. Your employees should have the insights to improve, and to have someone by their side to help them on their way. We work together with your front line and create a desire to perform, grow, and be the best.

Now, with more than 15 years’ experience in the business of mystery shopping provider, we have grown into a multicultural company with global reach and local roots. We have the right set of tools and expertise to customize solutions for your business. You will find – from our very first meeting with you – that we are much more than just a mystery shopping provider. In us, you will find willing partners who are as passionate about your business – from frontline to bottom line, from your products and services to your customers – just as you are, because, looking back, for us it’s always been personal. We’ve never lost sight of the vision our co-founders shared in that restaurant in 2001: let people experience great service.

AQ’s History

Creating Winners becomes independent Serieus Gaming ICT company
RIA Play V2 the gamified learning platform for web and mobile is released
TAC Retail performance program launched, based on ROI
RIA Retail Training Application Developed
Ranked in Quirk’s “Top 10 Global Mystery Shopping Suppliers”
Global Undergraduate Program Started
Rhythm in Action Initiated
Refugee Aid Partnership Started – Ideas Academy Founded
10 Years Old & a shift to Focus on specifically Mystery Shopping
AQ Wins Europe Awards for Highest Excellence in Human Resources
AQ boasts a 9% growth during the GFC & successfully increases turnover for its Clients
New Branches Opened in Malaysia, Shanghai, and Hong Kong
First local Asian Clients
AQ moves into Asia and establishes a presence in Singapore & Japan
AQ Signs on Larger Clients & Expands Fieldwork into Europe
AQ Founds IMSA with 3 Partners
First Office @ Basics (Netherlands)
AQ Founded

Ideas Academy

In 2012, Jan-Willem Smulders and his wife were active in the refugee community in Malaysia. They came to recognized that there was real need for education for the refugee children.

In 2012, an opportunity arose during the ZOAT (a Regional Dutch Hockey Tournament in Asia) tournament where the three individuals raised RM80,000. This funding kickstarted the ambitious goal of providing education to young refugees. Tanja Pelle, Bjorn Kruizinga, and Jan-Willem, set up the Young Refugee Cause and wrote the business plan that still serves as the framework for IDEAS Academy today. Andrea Maiola, linked up the Academy with Wan Saiful Wan Jan of IDEAS. With IDEAS’ involvement and financial contributions, the plans evolved and gained momentum.

After almost 2 years of fundraising and planning, the IDEAS Academy was officially launched in 2014.

IDEAS Academy believes in education for all.

Education holds the key to global citizenship which is something that no one regardless of background, race or economic situation should be denied. Their primary aim is to ensure that every child between 12 and 18 years old should gain a strong secondary educational foundation to become a responsible, confident and compassionate citizens of tomorrow. To achieve their mission, IDEAS Academy relies on the generosity of donors for support. Without the assistance of individuals just like you, we wouldn’t be able to pursue our mission to help these children.The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in article 26, “Everyone has the right to education”. This statement is now more important than ever as the children of today face an uncertain future, which is increasingly competitive, internationalized, and shared.

IDEAS Academy
IDEAS Academy Children