Automotive Mystery Shopping Services

How are you maximising your business potential?

  • A potential customer who finds his way into your dealership already makes half the deal – but what about the other half?
  • Are your customers consistently treated in line with your brand promise?
  • Is your sales force asking all the right questions?
  • What are the biggest gaps in service delivery as compared to your internal training guidelines?
  • How do you prioritise further training and where are you spending your training budget
Maximising your business potential

AQ has the Answers

The most critical phases of an automotive sale are the needs analysis, the product presentation and the follow-up.

Even the best CRM system cannot track the entire conversation or fully reflect the “moment of truth”: the actual instance a sales interaction takes place. If your sales staff are not asking the right questions, you might sell the wrong car … or none at all, that’s why you need automotive mystery shopping method.

Through automotive mystery shopping, we develop programs with scenarios and questionnaires that fully reflect your internal training guidelines. Our mystery shoppers are experienced in automotive mystery shopping, and they will act as regular customers, noting in detail questions asked and actions taken during the sales interaction. And more importantly, what was missing in the process

Based on these results of automotive mystery shopping method, we offer solutions and measures to further develop your sales staff in delivering the best possible client needs fulfilment. Our automotive mystery shopping provides insightful reports and assists you in deriving the right conclusions. If needed, we can even provide you with action and training plans.

However, our work does not end with just providing results; this is only the beginning. We will be with you all the way, supporting you with our worldwide expertise in the automotive industry with automotive mystery shopping as your guidelines.

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