How to Improve Customer Experience

Know why they chose you in the first place.

When asking yourself how to improve customer experience, it’s important to look at the customer’s expectations and motives. If you don’t know what their purpose and reason is for having chosen your store or brand specifically, then you’re going to be hard-pressed to figure out how to improve customer experience on any level.

One of the very first articles I ever wrote for this blog was about why customers should choose a company. It explored why people made the decision to go with a certain brand, company or product:

  • Why this brand?
  • Why this company?
  • Why this product?
  • Why this service?

And I drew the conclusion that it was because the company had won their trust, turning the question into

Do I trust this brand/company/product/service?

It was all very philosophical and almost whimsical, but I suppose that was partly a reflection of my 2016 self. I’ve grown up a little since then, not much, but some…

How to improve customer service

Customers choose companies they like, and one of the biggest ways to get them to like you is to offer great experience. Since I wrote the “Why choose Us?” article, very little has changed in respect to how to improve customer experience. Sure, the semantics and language has grown up with the times – and with me – but the concepts remain the same.

How to improve customer experience? Understand why customers love what you’re offering: is it your product quality? Your service? Do they like the music you play in store? Maybe they like your recycling policy or your general stance on corporate social responsibility? The important thing is to ask the question: why are customers choosing us? What is driving their loyalty? Why are we so awesome?

When you find answers to those questions, you’ll have a greater understanding of what’s driving customer satisfaction and you can then begin to improve customer experience by giving them more of the same, better of the same! Always strive for excellence! And whatever you do, don’t let all the awesome reviews go to your head, customers can be Puckishly fickle.