AQ’s Global Fashion Benchmark Report

Understanding an entire industry market is never easy. The competitive, fluctuating global nature of market segments, social behaviour, and economics make it almost impossible to meet needs and wants. This is particularly the case in the fashion industry, where customer desires, expectations and needs vary drastically from city to city, season to season. Understanding how businesses can best meet shopper needs is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

This benchmark study has gathered data from 33 cities worldwide. Using shoppers native to each market, AQ Services International has applied two research tools to gain insight into the fashion market. Mystery shopping programs (MSP) measure sales staff performance; individuals posing as real customers are sent to various outlets to gather data and answer specific questions related to the customer service in those locations. This data is complemented by customer opinion polls, wherein customers answered surveys and provided more detailed comments about their expectations and needs.

The data collected was divided across three segments of the fashion industry to allow for better analysis:

  • Mainstream brands
  • Mid-Luxury brands
  • Luxury brands

AQ Services has more data on hand to help your fashion company improve its customer service experience, whether it’s through mystery shopping solutions or a more in-depth report. Get in touch with us today, let’s talk about how AQ can help your business.

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