What happens after the Mystery Shopping Report?

mystery shopping report

After many intense hours of fieldwork, quality analysis, intrinsic research, and valuable insights market research companies proudly deliver the Mystery Shopping Report to your company doorstep. This valuable data is there to help you develop strategies to increase your service and sales performances. It eventually finds its way downstream to one of the many shops that has been visited by one of the many mystery shoppers! And of course, both the sales team and the Shop manager are awaiting this moment with excitement!

So why are we so curious to see this Report?

One of the reasons for this is because many have been working hard, because of less successful previous Reports or because they want to match or even surpass them! Whatever reason the company employees have for being so exciting about all of this, it all comes to the conclusion that Retail is detail!

It will always be a challenge, how to become more detailed and what details need the main focus. And every detail counts obviously! Detail about what shoppers experienced or not experienced in your specific shops or details about what the shopper thought about that big Christmas tree in the middle of the main entrance? All questions that can be answered by that extensive report lying on the coffee table in the canteen.

What to do?

To get to all of this, the shop manager needs to decide what the next step will be and how to address the employees with the new findings of the report. After a short briefing of the shop manager with the exciting news that “it” has arrived, everyone strives for a glimpse of the report. You, the shop manager…Are you going to take the Mystery Shopping Report as a starting point for a training session, are you going to evaluate it step by step, or is it just a reminder of what to do right the next time?

No matter what way you choose as a shop manager, always be reminded of the fact that mystery shopping is a measurement tool for your service delivery and the report is a summary of how your company is doing on delivering service to your customers. And most important question what is your company aiming at? You need a basis that will lead you towards your main service objectives.

Here are five components needed for a better understanding of your Mystery Shopping Report:

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Participation
  • Commitment
  • Awareness
  • Rewarding

To succeed, you need full participation and interaction of your employees and thus do not make your employees see this whole process as spying or as a performance evaluation! With this mixture your sales department will use the Mystery Shopper report in the most efficient way and you will be able to realize change!

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On this journey we will take you further into many other steps that will lead us to the best practices for the best service delivery!