Understanding Customer Service: A Social Media Tale

Understanding Customer Service

What does Understanding Customer Service mean?

I’m not talking about understanding them in terms of demographic or marketing terms. Here we will explore understanding them in terms of Understanding Customer Service.

Is the first thing that came to your mind after that sentence “empathy”? Well, that is right. Though, just the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s take a look at some amazing examples before we move on.

Here we have the tale of Salisbury customer Service Legend “Ross” (it’s even mentioned by the customer herself)


Understanding Customer Service - Salisbury

Understanding Customer Service - Sainsbury - Ross

Understanding Customer Service - Social Media

Understanding Customer Service - Social Media - Sainsbury - Ross

You can read the rest of the conversation here.

I hope you have a smile on your face after reading that.

Now, if you get “English Humour”, you can see from the first post from the customer that she was complaining in a very tongue in cheek way. This is very dangerous since it could have easily been misinterpreted. I’m sure you can tell that it could have gone sideways very fast.


Our legend, Mr. Ross, understood his customer. He was not afraid to match the humour, maintaining completely professional to resolve the issue. This isn’t something easily done. Of course, some training is required (at the beginning). After years of dealing with people, it becomes possible to understanding customer service and the reasons why certain situations are handled in a certain way, breaking away from that rigid structure. This is when fluidity happens.


Different situations call for different actions. In Ross’s case, it was probably one of the worst customer service situations that could have happened. Worst still that it all took place was on Social Media – which could have led to a PR nightmare. Ross kept his cool, dug into his customer service tool box, and pulled out humour as the main weapon. LEGEND!

Customer Response - Customer Service

If you want to see more of this Customer Service Fluidity, here is another great tale for you to check out.

The tale of “William the Worm and Tesco.” There is even a poem – as you can see below – and a Facebook Page dedicated to William.

Poem - Customer Service


Customer adaptability depends on understanding the customer. So what does that mean? How do you built trust in a bad situation? Can you mimic or match that customer’s humour (if any)?

If you’re able to understand your customer, then you can adapt to them, and provide fluid customer service.

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