Retail Customer Service: The Competitive Reality of The Retail Industry.

As we move towards a more technological advance society, more and more people are looking at making purchases online rather than visiting brick and mortar shops. Let’s face it, this problem isn’t new. It’s been something that had been hovering like a black cloud around the industry for some time.  Many companies have reduced the number of brick and mortar shops in favour for more attractive online initiatives.

Retail Customer Service

What’s Happening?

Compared to the old-school method of shopping, customers are moving towards online purchases for a number of reasons. From lower prices to faster item search. Online shopping cuts through the thick of shopping most shoppers have to go through. Allowing customers to find anything they want in the comfort of wherever they are. A big plus point is that it saves a time. You could be enjoying a coffee, relaxing and shopping all at the same time.

Of course, nothing is without its disadvantages. With online shopping, there is always an issue of trust, privacy, time it takes for the item to get delivered and many more.

Ways to Improve Retail Customer Experience

Retail Customer Service

So, how can retail stores compete with their online competition?  There are still many advantageous to brick and mortar stores. Yes, it’s difficult to compete with the price cuts of the online world. However, customers do not mind paying a little extra if they know it’s worth it.

Making it worth it for the customer is the key here. What can retail stores offer that the online word can’t. There’s the advantage of actually viewing the item they want, touching, feeling and even trying it on. Being in a retail environment design to feel and look in accordance with the brand. Ultimately, it’s Retail Customer Service.

Why it Matters.

If there is one area that retail stores can compete in, it would be by providing good Retail Customer Service.

We have all had a frustrating customer service experience with our online shopping experiences. It could be slow replies, wrongly sent goods, etc.

Customers are people, and as far as some people see it, they would prefer to be attended to by another person. The trick is to make sure the retail customer service provided is on par with the brand and customer’s expectations.

If a customer were to not receive better customer service experience when in a retail store as compare to online customer service, they may start to favour online shopping instead.

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