Small Gesture Make The Difference:

Overlooked Services

There are many things that a staff can do that are often overlooked by the customer. These are often small things. Often times, customers are so used to these being done that the gesture or service is brushed off. Or what may seem to have not been noticed or rather overlooked services.

What are Overlooked Services?

How often do we take note of a staff welcoming us into a store? Often times, we would release it, however, the thought would not linger any longer. A few seconds at most. However, if a customer was not welcomed, it would be noticed by some customers and noted as a sign of bad service.

Somehow it doesn’t seem fair does it? Welcome a customer and it goes almost unnoticed. Don’t welcome a customer, it gets noted as bad service?

These are the small little things that go overlooked.

Overlooked Services

Why are these overlooked?

As shoppers in our modern retailing world. We have come to expect a level a service. A baseline or a benchmark so to speak.

There are certain gestures that we are so used to when being attended to at a store, that the small services often go over our heads and often time not noticed.

For example, being welcomed by a staff. A shopper may smile back at the staff and move on, without a second thought. When the staff takes you to the dressing room for example. Or even when a staff is able to explain the benefits and features of a product. We have come to expect these services from the staff.

We as shoppers are spoiled by the service given to us. In a good way of course. We are going to make a purchase and want to be attended to in a proper manner.

They Still Need To Be Done Right

As now know these gesture do get noticed by customers. It does mean that it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If not done correctly, it will still leave a bad impression.

For example, if a customer was offered a drink. However, the staff then forgot to give the drink to the shopper. Being welcomed by a staff who is not looking at you. These would make a person feel undervalued, not taken seriously or just not welcomed.

Overlooked Services 2

Why These Services Make a Difference.

Although, these small gestures and services often get overlooked. That doesn’t mean that they are not noticed. As mentioned above, a shopper would often look at the staff that welcomed them before moving on.

Shopper do notice; however, they just don’t think twice about these.  It’s important to maintain a level of service that customers expect of us.

Let’s take an example. If a shopper was to walk into the store and browse on their own for several minutes without being greeting or even approached. The chances of the shopper walking out without making a purchase is higher. It would also leave a negative impression on the store.

Overlooked Services Do Not Go Unappreciated.

Even though, these services go under the radar, or what may seem to not get appreciated. It is these small services that make all the difference in a customer’s shopping journey. It also allows the staff to build rapport with the customer better.

Smiling and looking at the customer when welcoming them, leading a customer to the dressing room, bring additional items for the customer in the changing room to try, making the customer feel comfortable with a drink. These are the norm for best practices.

Good Service is the baseline. Excellent Service is the goal.

What is your service baseline? Contact us today.