Customers Think You're Awesome because you're different!

Your Customers think you are awesome!Everyone has different expectations from customer service, but your customers love you. Why do your customers believe you are awesome? It’s easy to see why customers may be walking out your door, but why are they staying with your competition? Or, even more confusing! Why are they staying with you? Customer loyalty is a puzzle, and it’s important to understand the reason behind the positives as well as the negatives!

You know those quizzes that you can take, online – or, formerly, offline – where you get scored on your answers and you then get a result which tells you what kind of chocolate cake you are? Let’s pretend you’ve done one titled ‘What do your customers think of you?’  You’ve crossed your hurdles and are met with smiles all around, and you certainly don’t suffer from any of these issues.  We’ve got great news: your customers believe you are awesome!

I know we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all, but surely you’re just a little curious about why you’re so awesome?

1. You didn’t just sell…

…you connected. It’s not just about making that one sale for you, it’s about giving the customer what they want. For you, it’s not a question of ‘what can I sell to my customers?, it’s ‘how can I help them?’

2. You rock your customer service…

…and people just won’t stop talking about you over coffee with their friends, in the bus, on their social media. Your staff entertains and delights your customers, they know how to make people smile. You’ve put the time and effort in to make sure your customers know that you like them because they’re people, not just because they’re there to buy your product or use your service. You’ve made them feel like they really matter, because, to you, they do.

3. You provide multi-channel support

You recognize that it’s vital to let people connect to your brand the way they choose, not just the way you think is most convenient for you. You’ve done the research and checked out all the means by which your customers connect with you; you know where they spend their time online and how they want to be connected offline.

4. You’ve exceeded all expectations!

When you first offered your service or product, you made the customer a promise. Some companies fall victim to overselling these promises – like politicians – to get a sale. Building up customer expectations is a two-edged sword, but you’ve rocked your customers’ worlds and more than delivered on your promises: not only did you meet the customer’s expectations, you’ve exceeded them and that’s why your customers believe you are awesome.

5. You haven’t just learned from your mistakes you’ve made changes to avoid making them in the future!

You’ve implemented a feedback system, or perhaps your customers just talk to you, but the fact is: you listento what they’ve got to say. You’ve taken the good with the bad, and you’ve come up with ways to avoid the bad – and told the complaining customer how you’ve gone about to fix things, and then asked if they think that’ll solve the problem!

6. You’re in the now! You’ve evolved with the times to stay on top of the world!

When you started out back in the ancient days of ‘ye olde times’, you had a great message and jingle, sure,  but you’ve recognised that the times are a’changin’ and you’ve adapted that message and your branding to the here and now. Used to do TV ads? Now you’re big online! Radio ads? No worries, podcasts and streaming music platforms. Newspapers? Still use ‘m, but you’re also on Reddit, Facebook, and – well, you get the picture. You’ve moved with the times and your customers know you’ll keep moving with them at just the right pace.

7. Customers can’t stop themselves from coming back to because…

They know you understand them. You’ve given them a reason to come back, whether it’s via customer loyalty strategies, special offers, or just giving them time of day with all your collective customer service talents. They know you get what they want, and that you’re adaptable.

8. Your competitors may be great, but you’re doing that extra bit.

You’re in it to win it, and your customers know that that means you’re in it for them and not just because you’re competing with others. You may not be able to compete with your competitors on a financial scale, or even match their advertising campaigns, but you’re creative enough to know that you can win in other sectors: like upping your customer service initiatives and connecting with people in a better, more customer-centric manner.

9. Reasons beyond your control…

People move cities, change lifestyles, get older and, inevitably, pass away. These are things that you can’t control, but you canreact to them appropriately. You’ve made that impression because you’ve impressed them on a human level: you’ve been there to share their happiness and their grief, their ups and downs; and now that they’ve had a change in their life, you’ve expressed your regrets at losing them to these changes, but you understand because you believe in them as people, not just as customers.

Making a difference

Differentiating your company from the sea of businesses in the world is one of the best ways to make a difference.  Every companies in the world has customer service, but striving to make yours the best service out there, to go to the extra lengths is what will make your company truly memorable – and for the right reasons.

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