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What we need to know about Negative Experiences

More often than not, we hear about bad customer service experiences. It makes you wonder if the world revolves around negative experiences. Apparently, people are far more likely to share their grievances publicly than they are to share compliments. According to ClickFox’s second annual benchmarking survey, Consumer Tipping Points, only 8% of customers are likely […]

The Importance of an Evolving HR Policy

An HR Policy exists to address the needs of people working in a company while also providing a set of rules and guidelines to maintain fair practices throughout the workplace. Think of it like a bill of rights for a company. The truth of the world is that employers often take their employees for granted. This […]

9 Reasons Why Your Customers Believe You Are Awesome

Everyone has different expectations from customer service, but your customers love you. Why do your customers believe you are awesome? It’s easy to see why customers may be walking out your door, but why are they staying with your competition? Or, even more confusing! Why are they staying with you? Customer loyalty is a puzzle, and it’s important […]

9 Reasons Your Customers are Leaving You

No business wants to lose customers. They are the lifeblood of any company. It’s not always easy to pick out the exact reason why customers abandon a product or service. If you’re at a complete loss, put yourself in their shoes and walk yourself through what it is that you’ve done, right or wrong. There […]