5 Ways To Maximize The Results of Mystery Shopping

and the Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping has many benefits to it. A program can help the company in many ways, such as engaging customers better or understand customers better. Although, how can a company leverage a  the Benefits of Mystery Shopping?

Here are a few ways to gain the most out of the benefits of Mystery Shopping:

Understanding the Program

Mystery Shopping is not about spying on businesses or catching staff doing wrong. It is about the experience a Shopper receives. Each shopper would have a very individualistic experience, which is then translated into objective data.

Every program is design to the requirements of the company. However, it is also important for the company to know what is being evaluated and how. It is also important to know that they Mystery Shoppers, are individuals with opinions. Though, objectively laid out they are the opinions of individuals nonetheless and reflect the opinions of the demographic.

Talk to the Staff

This is one of the most important part of Mystery Shopping Programs. It’s talking to the staff involve. The staff that going to be evaluated. Why is this important?

Imagine being evaluated without even knowing what you’re being evaluated on. That just would not be fair. Now most of the time the Manager of the staff would know about the Mystery Shopping program that is being ran. And the thought, its a “Mystery” Shopper Program – comes to mind.

However, it’s important for companies to brief and talk to the staff regarding this. Allow them to know what is the purpose of the Mystery Shopping program. Explain that it is also part of the development of the team and the staff individually. As Mystery Shoppers would be able to spot aspects of a visit that need improvement.

It would also help to keep people on their toes not knowing who is a Mystery Shopper and when would that person appear. Which adds to the benefits of Mystery Shopping.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Take it beyond the Manager

Many times, in retail situations, the Manager is blamed for bad service or praised for the good service that a customer or rather Shopper receives. Although, there is nothing wrong with this approach, it lacks depth.

The person in charge, and the Manager should have a meeting with the team, or the individuals that have been evaluated. Praise should be given to the team for positive feedback and negative feedback be given for improvement.

Handle Negative Feedback with Tact

Negative feedback, however, should not allow Managers or others to place blame on the team. This should be handled with tactfulness.

This is why it is important to brief the team that they are being evaluated. As here, you would be able to explain what went wrong and how.

If there was a specific negative situation that raises a red flag, it would be easier to speak to the staff involve because they know they was being evaluated. The company can then investigate further. Was this a onetime situation? Has this staff been misbehaving? Appropriate action can then be taken in accordance to the severity of the situation.

Handle Negative Feedback with Tact

Evaluation Over Time

The most important thing to understand is that with Mystery Shopping Programs, the benefits of Mystery Shopping is for the evaluation to be done over a period of time. For example, over a few years.

We can then spot trends. How was this year compared to last year? Was there an improvement?

It can also help with motivating the staff and management, seeing the results improving over time. Or allow the company to take corrective action on areas that are not improving.

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