Understanding Customers Through Mystery Shopping

How Mystery Shopping Help Companies Understand Customers.

We have spoken a lot about Mystery Shopping and what it can do for a company. One of the Advantages of Mystery Shopping how it helps companies know their Customers. In our article here, we discussed the 5 advantages of Mystery Shopping. We discussed how these Mystery Shopper help a company to improve.

Who are these Mystery Shoppers?

We can find out, for example, which dish does a shopper enjoy the most during a visit to an F&B outlet. From there, we can analyse patterns. What dish is constantly being ordered? which demographic likes the dish?

We can also analyse timings. Is there a drop in the Service Level at a particular time? Does the service drop at when the restaurant is busy?

What can you learn from a Mystery Shopping Visit?

These Shoppers are not just random people who take up an assignment and give feedback. Okay, most of these Shopper are not like that. These Shoppers take the task seriously.

The term shopper also has a wider meaning. Because they are in actual fact, part of your customer base. The demographic of consumers that a company is trying to reach.

Companies can then ask questions on their own. For example, is it fair to penalize a staff due to poor service during a busy period? Is it alright for the basics of customer service to not be met, just because it was busy?

Most importantly, we find out how the shopper feels about these situations. To a Shopper bad service is bad service. Would some shoppers be understanding?

We Care

Understand the Customer

There is a lot that we can find out from Mystery Shopping. Understanding customers and how they would react to a situation would allow companies to adjust the service given, or to note on things to look out for.

Understanding Customers has always been important to any company. Many companies in our day, adjust accordingly to the needs and wants of the consumer. Mystery Shopping program allows to have the possibility of catching these change in trends early and adopt a change to meet the shift.

Understand the Customer

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