Video Recorded Mystery Shopping

How Using Video for Mystery Shopping Can Help Companies.

We have been discussing about the different methods of Mystery Shopping. If you have yet to read our previous articles, you can get an overview here. Here we will have discuss how using video for Mystery Shopping can help companies in the evaluation and its challenges as well.

How It’s Done

I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is “how is it done?” As mentioned previously in the overview article, there are a few methods of doing this. The key is for shoppers to be tactful, cautious, diligent and aware of what they are doing.

One very obvious example would be to use a mobile phone. For instance, if a shopper was to drive up to an area and a recording of the outside of the store was required. Shoppers can use a mobile phone attached to the windscreen to be able to capture the video. This allows us to view the state of the environment outside a store. Of course, in this situation, one can also use a dash-cam if it was available.

However, not all situations would allow for shoppers to use their phones to record the visit. Walking around a store while holding a mobile phone would not only prove challenging, also awkward and suspicious. If a shopper had a shirt pocket, this could be plausible, though highly not recommended.

There are devices that can be purchase for under the radar recording. These devices allow the shoppers to keep the recording inconspicuous.

Using Video for Mystery Shopping 1

Challenges in Using Video for Mystery Shopping

As you can imagine there are a number of challenges when it comes to this method of Mystery Shopping.

Using Video for Mystery Shopping 2

Clear Video and Audio

Each recording needs to be clear in terms of video and audio output. As the recordings are a requirement that aids in the Mystery Shopping Program, companies would use them to check on the answers given in a report.

Shoppers therefore cannot walk or even turn too fast causing the recording to be very shaky. This would hinder the quality of the video and the ability to see what was going on. Shoppers need to remain composed and act in a calm manner to be able to capture a clear video.

File Size and Transferring

A big challenge would be the size of the file. Any file that is required as an attachment to a report needs to be uploaded along with the report.

As we all know, video sizes can be very large. Imagine if you will a visit that last about 30 minutes being recorded. That would be a large video.  Also taking into consideration that not everyone has fast internet connection. Transferring large files of data may take a while. Reducing the file size would reduce the quality of the video. And as we had discussed, was already a challenge on its own. We would not want to reduce the quality anymore.

Shoppers would need to be patient in order to upload these large files.

Using Video for Mystery Shopping 3

Why have a Video Recording of a Visit?

There are a number of reasons to record a visit. The first reason would be that the company wants to view the state and level of service for themselves.

It is difficult for office executive to walk into a branch and get the real picture. Therefore, they would use video Mystery Shopping as an alternative.

Companies also want accurate data. Video Mystery Shopping takes it a step further and gives the visual aid with regards to the visit and the score received by the branch.

International companies can also find it difficult to receive accurate data from all their locations around the world. As we all know, information can get distorted very easily. These companies may want to check on the locations themselves and use Mystery Shopping as a means of doing just that.

Of course, these are just some of the reasons, methods and challenges faces when perfuming this type of Mystery Shopping.

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