Using Audio Recording for Mystery Shopping

Why Use Audio Recorded Mystery Visits ?

We already know what the Traditional Form of Mystery Shopping looks like. If you haven’t read about it, read up on our last article. Now we will take a look at a more advance form or mystery shopping. Audio Recorded Mystery Visits.

What it is?

It is as the name suggest, a mystery shopping visit that it recorded. The shopper that performs these visits are required to provide an audio clip of the visit in the report that is submitted. These programs are used less compared to the traditional method. As they are much more difficult to conduct. More on the disadvantages later in this article.

Audio Recorded Mystery Visits

How do shoppers record their visits?

The easiest and most basic idea would be to use one’s phone. Shoppers would enter the visit scenario prepared and set the phone on record to be able to capture the audio of the whole visit.

There are programs that require the shopper to perform a call audit, instead of a visit. In this situation, shoppers can use apps, Skype recorder or any other means of recording the call.

All other aspects of an Audio Recorded Mystery Program, would follow the same as the Traditional method of Mystery Shopping. Audio is the only additional feature. In theory, it would be simple. Set the device to record and begin the visit.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge is recording the audio itself. The shopper could do everything right and have a successful visit. However, if there was a problem with the audio, it would not be accepted. The audio recording needs to be clear. On top of which, we need to be able to hear both the shopper and the staff being evaluated.  You can already image the challenge of getting a clear audio recording in a noisy retail store within a shopping mall. Nonetheless, many shoppers are able to record clear audio of the visit with all the relevant information. Now that takes skill!

Audio Recorded Mystery Visits

The Types of Programs that use Audio Recorded Mystery Shopping.

Each program is design to a company’s needs and specification. Meaning the reason behind the staff being evaluated.

For call centres, it’s an obvious choice. For retail visits, it can be used as further evaluation. Demeanor, tone and language also play a part in provide service. The recordings allow us to listen in on the enthusiasm, clarity, knowledge and confidence of the staff being evaluated.

Why use Audio?

The easiest example would be that of a call centre. Each call centre has standard guidelines with regards to the service that is provided. The Mystery Shopper would call in and record the call using an app or any other method, and submit the audio clip along with the report.

Then we have retail mystery shopping with audio. This is when it gets tricky. As mentioned above, you can imagine how difficult it can be to get clear recording of two people talking in a noisy environment. Most shoppers would use their phones to do the recording. If the shopper was to place the phone in their pocket or handbag, it would muffle the sound. It the shopper holds the phone, it could make it obvious. The shopper therefore needs to be very careful and tactful in performing these kind of visit.

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