Using Mystery Shopping Results to Motivate Employee

Some employees may look at Mystery Shopping as a bane rather than a useful training tool. However, the purpose of a mystery shopping program is to help staff and ultimately the company to provide quality service to customers. Is there a way in using mystery shopping results to motivate employees?

The cause of staff seeing the program as a bane may be due to various factors. Maybe a manager does not explain why they failed. Instead the manager only tells the staff that they failed. Failure without reason, will not result in improvement but rather frustration.

Though sometimes tricky, the results from a mystery shopping report can be used to motivate staff to perform better. Which will help in the overall result.

Why Good Customer Service Matters

Can Using Mystery Shopping Results to Motivate Employee work?

Communicate and Explained

It’s a vital part of any business and/or company. Communication is key for smooth operation. If a staff failed an evaluation, the staff needs to understand why.

The manager needs to sit down with the staff and explained the areas in which the staff performed below par. Allowing the staff to understand the quality of service that the company is looking for. The staff would also need to understand how to work towards providing better service and such methods would work best.


Staff need to receive some recognition for the good work that they do. A pay check is all and well, though, being told that you have done good work is more intrinsic.

This should also be explained and communicated to the staff as to why they did well. Noting the positive points and what the staff did right. Again, it is always important to note the quality of service that the company is after.

Mystery Shopping to Motivate Employee

Slow steady improvement

When it comes to providing service, it is often times a mix of selling skill, attitude, social aptitude and training. That’s a lot to take into account. One cannot discount on any of the factors mentioned.

When it comes to behavioural changes, adults often find it hard to recondition themselves to a new way of doing things.

The staff needs to be allowed time to improve and not be expected to perform above standards immediately, in any area that is being evaluate. If a staff is week in greeting a customer, maybe the staff can spend a month working on this area specifically. Moving from smiling in acknowledgement of the customer to greeting them in a more personalize manner. It may take some time, but the results would be seen in the long run. You can read more about this on our post on Kaizen and Mystery Shopping.

Provide Intrinsic Value to The Staff

As people, we look for value. Companies look to providing value and quality service to their customers. This is done through the staff. Although, staff also need value in their work.

For example, allow the staff to develop their skills over time would provide intrinsic value. Is a staff is shy can finds it difficult to greet customers to even attend to customers. With training and time, the staff may get better at this. This would translate to the staff’s personal behavioural improvement in social skills. Giving the staff more added intrinsic value in character development.

There are many other ways to use the results to help the morale of a staff or team. A team lunch or small gifts – for good results can be used as well.

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