Using Social Media as a Tool for Improvement

Social Media plays a vital role to any business. It’s not unheard of for smaller business to start on social media platforms before moving to a website on their own.

A company’s social media pages is more than just its online presence. It’s a direct line to the customers. That opens up Social Media platforms to customer service. Customers find it easier to direct message or leave comments on these pages. The downside? Disgruntled and unhappy customers can also leave comments. Furthermore, these comments can be shared – living forever in the abyss that is the internet

I have personally messaged a company on social media to find out more about a product. Though, it’s important to note, the company had no other forms of contact other than calling. Well, I never heard from the company and now I doubt I would purchase the product. Simple enough to say really.

Using Social Media as a Tool for Improvement

Can we use Mystery Shopping for Social Media Customer service?

Customers would use any form of contact that they prefer or offer the most convenience at any given time. As most of us have and use social media on our phones. Some customer would see it fit to message or comment regarding an inquiry. Of course, most customers understand that this is not the fastest way to get an answer. Nonetheless, those who are less in a hurry would use this communication tool.

The platform has become so important that some companies had set up teams to reply to customers on social media alone. Customers expect the same level of customer service that they would receive through other channels as well. This means that a company need to maintained the same level of service across all platforms.

Using Social Media as a Tool for Improvement

So, how can we use Social Media and Mystery Shopping for improvement? Combining the two would allow a company to take note on the level of service given. How are customers being attended to? Are customers having to wait several days or weeks before receiving a reply? Did a customer receive a reply at all?

The company would also be able to take note on the wording used by the staff that attends to the shopper. Was it simple and easy to understand? And whether it was to the point?

There is so much happening on Social Media at any one time, to keep track of everything would be tedious and time consuming. By performing mystery shopping audits, companies can get a sample size to gauge the service level.

Using Social Media as a Tool for Improvement

Advantages to Social Media Customer Service

The biggest advantage to Social Media Customer service would be customer engagement. In the world social media, customer engagement is big deal. It allows customers to feel some form of connect to the company they are trying to engage with. Customer engagement could also translate to brand loyalty, fans and ultimately potential new customers.

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