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4 Emotions Driving Customer Loyalty

Companies are learning that good customer loyalty is a vital part of their business. It’s no longer enough to rely on new prospects; companies are recognising the importance of repeat business and customer advocacy. What is Customer Loyalty? Customer loyalty is an attitude and behaviour where customers favour one business brand over others. Usually, a […]

Managing Customer Expectations to improve Customer Loyalty

Customer expectations? What’s the big fuss? A customer comes in, makes a purchase, goes away again, right? No big deal? We all know that it’s more than ‘no big deal’. A customer’s expectations are what we, as responsible companies, strive to meet. What do you mean with ‘customer expectations’? In a previous article, we discussed how […]

Using Good Conversation to Empower your Business

A good conversation is the best way to create a loyal customer, an engaged employee, and overall, a great company. Having a good conversation leaves people feeling satisfied and confident. It boosts self-esteem and has been likened to the same high experienced when eating a favorite food or even having sex. What makes a good […]


Bridging the Generational Gap with PokémonGo

Different generations do things differently and bridging the generational gap can be a trick in itself. 2016 has experienced some major changes in how the different generations view each other. The year’s only half done. We’ve witnessed a massive conflict generations in the United Kingdom with Brexit, in which the divide is pretty clearly split […]