Why Invest in Training

Developing People

It may seem obvious that all staff need training. Though, some companies would only invest in an initial or rather orientation training programs to get new staff familiar with the job and the company. What about the staff that have been working for the company for some time?

Continuous Improvement

For many employees that go through their daily tasks, they may get so used to doing things in a certain way that it becomes the norm. Many retail employees for example, are thought the basics of a retail staff. On how to attend to customers and how to go about their daily routine.

If the staff would only receive the initial training at the start of their employment, things can often be forgotten. How to address a customer for example. I’m sure many of us have come across staff that may have seem a little crude or even rude when addressing us – maybe due to their tone or mannerism.  Though, it’s no big deal. When left unchecked, it could cause bigger issues.


Getting Employees More Interested in the Company

For many employees, they would not go beyond their scope of duty. Some people in general would not necessarily take the initiative to find out or do more than their role. This may be due to a variety of reasons. Maybe they don’t have the confidence to try, or do not know how to approach an area that is not in their job scope.

Showing the staff that there is more to the company then their role, may get them more interested in the company. It could also teach the staff how to handle different tasks. This could ease the load of the whole team, as more people are able to do the same tasks. A great example of this would-be cashier duty.

Though, it’s not a difficult task. It’s something that is thought to most of the team of a retail store. Should any one staff need assistance or anything happen, there would be another staff that could assist. Also, this allows the Managers to practice job rotation. Which allows for staff to do different tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. Which in turn helps with keeping things interesting for the staff.

Succession Planning

We all want to feel that we are going somewhere, with regards to the work that we do. Training is a big part of employee development. From training for the little tasks on a daily basis to bigger more complicated roles. This allows the staff to gain experience under guidance. Which also increases their motivation and confidence.

Though, not all staff would reach the level of needing managerial training. It allows them to know that it is a possible route or option available. Though, this type of training is evident in almost all companies in the form of Management Trainee.


Development adds Value

The most obvious reason to investing in training is to add value to the staff. Not only in terms of employee value, but also for the staff’s job. What they are doing becomes more valuable to them. People get demotivated when they are frustrated. When staff are given the correct guidance, and are able to do they jobs better. They value the work they do.

Gaining knowledge and experience also adds value for the employee. Not to mention, when the employee is satisfied with the work they do, they will feel a sense of intrinsic value.

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