How to Gain Regular Customers.

In any service orientated business/store, the staff would have what they call “regulars.” These is the term given to repeated customers that constantly return over and over again. The question that arises is, what makes a customer return.

Without a doubt, for a customer to be a “regular” they would obviously need to be comfortable. The curious thing is that the level of service need not necessarily be top of the line to begin with. However, as customer and staff get more familiar with each other, rapport is built and the level of service from the staff may very well improve towards the customer – on an individual level.


Making the Customer Comfortable.

Customers want to be relaxed in a comfortable atmosphere when shopping. High-end brands spend a lot of money to make sure the atmosphere in their stores are conducive for potential buyers to spend a good amount of time in the store. Part of what makes that atmosphere so appealing is staff.

The staff need to be friendly and approachable. If a staff was the sightless bit rude, it would throw the mood of the customer off. They may not leave immediately, however, they may think twice before returning.

Building Rapport.

Possibly the most important part of creating returning regular customers. People like familiarity. This adds to the comfort of shopping.

However, you also want to customers to be exited about new things. Other than the new collections, retails stores constantly move around their visual mechanizing to keep things fresh for customers. Though, this is a strategy to talk about on another day. So, the familiarity would need to come from the staff.

Building rapport goes beyond just asking about the customer’s needs. Some simple examples of rapport building could include, asking a customer how their day was. Of course, there are boundaries and the staff cannot make the customer feel as though the staff is prying.

The tricky part is breaking through that barrier without being imposing. On top of which, each customer is different. Although, some very highly skilled staff are able to do this in such a natural way, which really allows customers to get friendly. Sometimes we may get lucky and the customers is more talkative and love sharing their stories. Which really helps with the rapport building stage.

Regulars 2


Some of these regulars may purchase a lot in one visit and not visit again for a few months. On the other end of the spectrum, you have regulars that visit more often and purchase a smaller amount. And sometimes you get customers that spend a lot regularly.

For these customers, what really make the visit, is the service given. When you walk into a store and a staff knows your name, immediately knows what you like and are willing to spend the time attending to you. Above all, the discussion between the staff and customer would vaguely resemble that of familiar acquaintances.

Interesting thing to note though, more regulars don’t mind waiting to be attended to by the staff of their choosing. I have come across situations where the customer turns away assistance from an unfamiliar staff only to wait for the staff that they are familiar with.

What it comes down to is that customers would feel that the service given was personalized to their individual tastes. They trust the staff and their suggestions. The staff knows what boundaries should not be crossed, as to not offend the customer. And most of all, the customer feels comfortable.

What Regulars do for Your Brand.

These constantly returning customers, not only trust in the staff, but also in the quality of the products and ultimately the brand. Which leads to brand loyalty. Which is the most powerful branding tool of all.

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