Add International Business Communication to Your Resume!

An AQ Internship offers an exhilarating challenge, combining real-world experience, developing professional skills, and cultural immersion.
Whether you want to spend 6 months full-time in the field of your choice, or take part in a 9-month traineeship as part of your study to supplement your thesis, we have a program that will suit your needs and also a chance to be part of our mystery shopper services!

Classic – 6 months

AQ’s classic internship program has been created to allow 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Students to experience an international business environment with various people, activities, and responsibilities.

We are offering a 6 months introduction internship within Operations, Finance & HR, and Systems & Programs, in The Hague or Kuala Lumpur.  All students will have their own supervisor to coach them with daily tasks. For example, Operations Interns can handle Fieldwork aspects such as shopper recruitment and other mystery shopping solutions, while Finance & HR requires their interns to work on internal administrative tasks.

We are always seeking to hire interns with:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Great affinity with service and hospitality
  • Strong team player
  • The ability to work in a flexible environment
  • Results oriented, proactive and innovative with an ability to be able to improvise in all situations

Global undergraduate program – 9 months

AQ`s Global Undergraduate Leadership Program has been created to allow undergraduates to experience various people, activities, responsibilities and cultures. Undergraduates selected for the program will experience a placement in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and/or The Hague.

All undergraduates will be linked to community management, mystery shopper services, product development, marketing, or accounts to develop and implement a business case that impacts our frontline performance. We encourage all our Undergraduate Interns to think outside of the box. This will require feasibility studies, desk research, creative thinking, interviewing and leading to a final presentation to the leaderships team especially in mystery shopper services. You may also expect several others activities.

AQ leadership will personally guide you through this engaging process.


To attract, train, guide and challenge the smartest, the most pragmatic and confident undergraduates from around the world by providing a challenging, diverse and cross-border leadership program so that they may become AQ`s future leaders or qualified in mystery shopper services.

We are seeking to hire trainees with:

  • College (under)graduate or above
  • Must be able to speak and write English + second language
  • Has the right to work in China, Malaysia and the Netherlands
  • Must be willing to move to different countries throughout the 9 months
  • Must be willing to work hard, play hard
Singapore Team 4 - visiting KL
AQ Interns in Conference
AQ Services International Internship
Shanghai Internships

“The undergraduate program gave me the opportunity to gain work experience on a global level by working in 3 different offices around the world which increased my understanding of different cultures… I met so many interesting people, was motivated by challenging projects and learned many new skills working along side the management team of this prospering company.”

“During my six months internship, I have learned to look at the world with different eyes and that has changed my mindset which in turn helps to me think outside my own box….AQ Services has given me a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility…The projects I managed gave me the opportunity to be involved with other cultures and communicate with many different people from Asia and Australia.”

“The internship here is really international; I’m in touch with a lot of different cultures. For example, my manager is in Singapore, so one part of the team is in Singapore, one part is here in Kuala Lumpur, and we communicate via several different platforms…If you want to embrace a career in international business in the future, and you want to get in touch with a lot of different cultures, you should definitely apply here because this is the place to be for the start of an international career.”

“For me, this was an impeccable learning opportunity and was amazed how much AQ is willing to invest in its employees. Next to providing housing, flight reimbursements and numerous employee activities, AQ provided me with great coaching that gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and qualities…All offices have one thing in common: great people! The different cultures, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs working and socializing together makes it the nice company it is.”

“During my internship at AQ-Services, I learned to work and cooperate with a lot of different nationalities and cultures. This taught me a lot about people and how to approach them. The work gives you a lot of freedom, but at the same time you need to work together to accomplish your tasks.  If you are a team player, who wants responsibilities, and wants to work with different nationalities and cultures this internship is definitely something for you.”

“At AQ, I received a lot of responsibility yet still a lot of freedom on how to approach my work, which helped me to grow professionally. I feel that AQ interns are an important part of the company culture as ideas and feedback of interns are valued and taken into account. I had the opportunity to rotate and work for AQ in three different countries, and thus to experience completely different working environments and to explore different cultures. I felt integrated to AQ’s culturally very diverse team right from the beginning and I really appreciated AQ’s open-minded and flexible company culture.”

Intern Insights

As part of our internship programs, undergraduates and classic interns are encouraged to join in with projects and initiatives aside from their own areas of expertise. This allows them to get to know more about AQ Services as well as exploring other elements of the work we do as a whole. These articles, titled ‘Intern Insights’ are developed to provide both our interns and our readers with an opportunity to look beyond the basics of the customer service experience and the improvements that we as a company hope to bring about.

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