Industry specific Mystery Shopping Programs – Part 2

How Different Industries Are Using Mystery Shopping

We have been discussing about How Different Industries Are Using Mystery Shopping. From retail to automotive, the companies in these industries are using Mystery Shopping programs to connect with customers, engage staff and improve the service that they provide.

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For this post, we will discuss three other industries and How Different Industries Are Using Mystery Shopping.

Financial Services

When it comes to finance, it can get confusing. The layman may not always understand what financial staff are talking about. It’s important for us to determine whether the staff are attending to customers in a clear manner.
Of course, each company will set their own guidelines. A visit audit for financial service can evaluate many different things. Such as the clarity of the staff when explaining the products. Some audits also evaluate the knowledge of the staff and whether the staff needed any help in answering the customer.
There is also the environment. Shoppers will evaluate how comfortable the environment was and the overall visit. Factors such as Waiting time would also count towards the score of the report.

How Different Industries Are Using Mystery Shopping.

Hotel Mystery Visits

Do you know how those hotels get the star rating that they have? Well external Auditors would audit the service provided by the hotel. Of course, those audits are slightly different as compare to how Mystery Shopping is used.
It is because of this that Hotels need to make sure that everything is up to par at any given time. Each brand would give a promise of quality. Customers then expect that quality. In this case Mystery Shoppers are used to audit the overall experience. From the service to the rooms, the shoppers would take these into account.
Depending on the project, different aspects of the visit would be evaluating differently. For example, was it easy to make a reservation? how fast was the customer attended to at the reception?
How Different Industries Are Using Mystery Shopping. 2
How Different Industries Are Using Mystery Shopping. 3

Healthcare Industry Audits

Mystery Shoppers are also used to audit the healthcare industry as well. As you can imagine, being a patient is not pleasant. On top of that are all the processes that need to be done. Patients are already feeling ill, and would like to be attended to as fast as possible. 
For a patient, it’s important to receive precise unambiguous information. If the information is not clear, it may reduce the patient’s satisfaction. And it could also be very dangerous.
There are a number of things that can be audited for a healthcare centre. For example, how easy was it to make payment? Or was the consultation clear and easy to understand? The goal is to measure overall customer/patient satisfaction. Also whether the patient felt adequately attended to. 

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