The Value Of Using Mystery Shopping Programs – Part 2

Improving Customer Service With Mystery Shopping program

In the previous article “The Value of Mystery Shopping Programs – Part 1” – we had discussed about two main points that made Mystery Shopping great. One of those was about constant improvement. How does one go about improving customer service with Mystery Shopping program?

Helping Staff To Be More Structural in The Approach.

What it comes down to is often sitting with the staff and showing them the result of a Mystery Shopping program and how well they or an outlet has done.

The positive findings can often boost the morale of the staff. The opposite, however, has a risk of having an adverse effect. So how do you turn a negative into a positive? Let’s go back to basics shall we.

Success: Go Get It

The Purpose

Mystery Shopping has never and should never be used as a method to “point the finger” to a staff member accusing them of poor performance. In fact, it was meant to serve as the opposite.

Pointing out to the staff where – in a rehearsed scenario – they when wrong. Yes, some companies would base the staff’s bonus on these results, and truly that is to the discretion of the company. Although, explaining what the Mystery Program is all about, why there was a penalization on the bonus and how to improve to be better next time. May in turn negate the negative effects and turn it on its head.

How Can This Be Done

This is done through incremental goal setting. For example, if a staff scored a (hypothetical) 30% on their Mystery Shopper result. The data would show at which point the staff went wrong. Maybe the staff approached but did not greet the customer. So, the staff knows that he/she would need to work on this. Instead of working towards a full 100% score, aim for an improvement on that one section. Incremental growth is growth that last. Here is an example of what I mean by this. This month the staff works on approaching, next month on finding out the customer’s need, the following month another aspect. The data is available and the staff is able to improve on this gradually. Providing both motivation and growth, while not forgetting the bigger picture and goal of better customer service.

Improving Customer Service With Mystery Shopping Program

Once the staff has assimilated the structure and no longer has to think about the process. The staff then does it naturally in a genuine way. Allowing the staff to know what to do if there was a pivot in the scenario.

Improving Customer Service With Mystery Shopping Program

The Value Of Using Mystery Shopping Programs – Part 2


It connects the company to the shoppers.

The shoppers that perform a Mystery Visit to a store are specifically there for that store. The shoppers put in time and energy to help that store/brand improve. If there is anything in this world that is true in branding. It’s the thoughts and opinions of shoppers. Yes, the shoppers may be paid, but they are there to help a store improve for the long run.

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