Why Mystery Shopping?

Reputable secret shopping companies use mystery shopping programs to highlight areas in need of improvement in business performance and processes. Knowing where the problems are is the first step to fixing them and soaring past your competition.

Among other things, mystery Shopping can help:

  • increase customer service performance
  • improve sales levels
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • increase employee motivation
  • protect brand equity
  • improve communication

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is our core competency. In a nutshell, mystery shopping is a market research a tool where people observe the quality of products and/or services while acting like a regular customer. This information is then collated and analysed to create actionable insights.

Also called ‘secret shopping’, ‘research shopping’, or ‘mystery consumer research’, mystery shopping is a qualitative and quantitative tool allowing business to experience their own processes, products and services from the perspective of their customers.

Mystery shopping can be adapted to many different industries that offer a service or a product. Mystery shopper services are performed all the time for hotels, airlines, restaurants, and retail shops. Some secret shopping companies choose to specialize in one or two specific industries; AQ has broad experience across several industries – automotive, finance, fashion, retail, to name a few.

Why Choose AQ?

Since our founding in 2001, AQ has honed its skills as a global mystery shopping company. After more than 15 years we have multiple offices around the world with global reach and local roots. We chose to specialize in mystery shopping and mystery audits because we believe it’s important to focus on meeting our clients’ needs. We have helped scores of brands improve their frontlines across a variety of industries, and always, at the core, we let our passion for great customer service drive us to help our clients achieve their goals.

What AQ can do for you:

  • Develop a customized and measurable mystery shopping and audit programs aimed at helping your company isolate the areas in need of improvement.
  • Deliver actionable insights and solid reporting to allow you to deal with any problem areas swiftly and efficiently.
  • Help you strategize on the best tactics to propel your company forward into the future.
48 hours mysteryshopping route
Hans Wevers, AQ Services Director of Operations

Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or a luxury car with a 6-figure price tag, the frontline ambassador should focus on you and not the product.

Hans Wevers, Director, the Netherlands