Double Prosperity

It’s already the second month of the year. Just a friendly reminder to those who have yet to start on their yearly goals. Now is the best time to kick into gear!

February is a special month isn’t it? Of course, we have the worldwide event of Valentine’s Day. A day to show appreciation to that special someone. This year is a little extra special with another Cultural Event happening worldwide as well. Ok it happens every year, though this year the two events fall only a few days apart from each other.

Valentine’s Day

Days Painted with The Beauty of the Colour Red

Valentine’s Day as we know it today, is actually an old tradition that has been practice since Ancient Rome. The Romans has a festival called “Lupercalia.” This was a festival celebrated in the middle of February signifying the start of Spring.  It was only later on that it the festival was changed to honour St Valentine. Which is how the famous day got its name. You can read more at the BBC or here (

What we know Valentine’s Day as Today

These days, the day is so famous practically any company in the business of selling consumer products, would capitalise on it.

We see promotions popping up left and right. Advertisements or articles helping consumers to come up with gift ideas for that special person.

It’s a great time to shop around as well, as there are tons of deals to be had for all sort of things. You can even take up some Mystery Shopping projects to get some extra pocket money for events!


An Prosperous Beginning for the Year

Another Cultural World Event happening is of course the Lunar New Year. Also known as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. It is to celebrate the coming of spring, new harvest and new beginnings.

In countries such as Malaysia, China, Singapore, Korean and many others, celebrate this season with great joy and appreciation for the year ahead. There are family gatherings and friends also get together to celebrate the New Year with a hope of an prosperous year ahead.

This year is also the year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiacs. The Chinese Zodiacs follow a yearly cycle as oppose to the monthly cycle for western zodiacs. There are 12 Zodiacs all together, and each Zodiac hold their own meaning. If you would like to find out your Chinese Calendar Zodiac, you can do so here. It’s great fun!

There are many amazing things about this holiday that I would suggest you read up on here (

We here at AQ Services would like to wish all our friends a Happy Valentine’s Day and Wonderful Chinese New Year. May everyone have an Auspicious and Prosperous Year ahead! Don’t forget to wear something red for the season! As it is the colour of choice for both this wonderful holiday!