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Why We Focus on Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an interesting market research tool. Sending in trained mystery shoppers to evaluate and audit the service delivered by the staff is a great way to spot and improve on aspects of the service delivered to your customers. What makes us love mystery shopping? 1. It’s always about Continuous Improvement. Every company has […]

What Mystery Shopping Can Teach You About Customer Service

Almost everyone in the service industry knows how important it is to listen to the voice of the customer. However, listening is not the same as understanding and businesses often misunderstand the information provided by different customer feedback channels. You might know that you are doing “OK” in the area of customer service, but you […]

The History of Mystery Shopping

The beginning Mystery Shopping has been used since the 1940s. Back in those days, it was mostly used in banks and retail stores to check the integrity of employees, such as cash-handling procedures were carried out correctly. Since then mystery shopping has come a long way. From a few individual private investigators performing visits, to […]

Learning and Development Trends

Next to m-learning  – discussed in an earlier article – there are more trends that Learning and Development (L&D) Managers should keep an eye on if they want to stay on top of the game. The decisions these managers make can have a great impact on the organisations, mainly on the progress of development of the employees. […]


10 Mystery Shopping Benefits for Retail

If you think your business needs more customers to have higher profit, you’re wrong! You need your customers to return. Are your customers willing to drive past a closer and maybe even cheaper competitor, just to come back to you? Mystery Shopping is a research tool that helps your retail brand find out how to […]